Where & What to Recycle!

Whether you are moving cross-country or moving locally within a city, it is important to dispose of hazardous materials you find lurking in those dark corners of the garage or basement before moving day arrives.

Legally, these items cannot be packed or shipped on a moving truck (unless that truck is properly certified and labeled). Some common items are kerosene, lighter fluid, motor oil, gasoline, old batteries, and paint. Checking a container label for terms like flammable, toxic, corrosive, or reactive, will let you know if it is a household hazardous waste. Other signal words are DANGER, CAUTION, or WARNING!

Luckily, in Kansas City, there are many locations to dispose of hazardous waste and recycle other unused items instead of dumping them in the trash. Check out www.RecycleSpot.org to find a location near you to recycle those hazardous materials before moving day arrives!

Where & What to Recycle!

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