When Should I Start Looking for a Moving Company?

And so it has happened. You and your better half have decided that it’s time to finally move into your Dream Home. But what happens next in the moving process? When should you start looking for a moving company? What needs to happen in order to make this dream a reality? We all know that proper planning allows our daily lives to run smoother. So here are some steps to ensure that the transition does indeed become a dream come true versus a nightmare.

Moving Day House For SaleListing your current residence for sale or lease and beginning the search for your new home is only the beginning. Most of us wait until we have the current home sold and the new home is in sight before we even consider the work that needs to be done in order to pull everything off in that short time period. Doing this does not allow you enough time to properly screen the moving company and other contractors that will help with this very important transition.

First, you want to make a list of everything that needs to occur prior to moving day – or you can also use our handy Moving Checklist. Once you have this list, it will be easier to put things in order and think through the steps to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything for your relocation.

As soon as you know that relocation is inevitable, you should screen contractors and local moving companies that you may need to assist with the transition. Movers, carpet cleaning, house cleaning, packing, HVAC, and numerous other contractors are regularly used in this process. The more thought and preparation put into the selection of these contractors the less likely you are to have headaches on the flipside of the transaction.

Since you may already be strapped for cash, you might rush through and choose these contractors based on price rather than quality. However, if problems arise with a job that should have been simple, the non-quality (and even unqualified) contractors may show their true colors. They may bail on you just when you need them the most – leaving you with a mess to sort out during one of the most stressful weeks of your life.

All this could have been prevented by properly screening everyone involved in the transition process. Obviously, it is easier to clean everything prior to all of your belongings arriving at the new place. Yet if one contractor lacks respect for your time, such as the carpet cleaners showing up late to clean, this can set in motion a string of events that costs you significantly more money.Happy Couple after Moving Day

The more time you allow to research and assemble your “transition team” the better everything will go on moving day. Researching and screening service providers, especially the moving company you hire, can involve a phone call to the local Chamber of Commerce, checking the Better Business Bureau website for complaints and resolutions, and even asking friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations.

When Should I Start Looking for a Moving Company?

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