What To Know About Solar Panels

Weigh Your Options When it Comes to Solar PanelsNowadays we’re all looking for ways to save money, and many of us are jumping on board with becoming environmentally responsible or “going green.” One green method making its way into everyday life is the use of solar panels to create electricity for your home or office. You can already spot them powering traffic lights, schools, and now even residential homes. If you are thinking about installing solar panels on your property, here are some things to consider as you do your research.

How much do solar panels cost?

The cost of solar panels varies since the cost of the equipment needed is constantly changing, but generally a small system for residential usage is a 3,000 watt system that costs around $24,000 before taxes. The solar panels are tied into the electrical grid and cost is determined on a per watt basis.

Who can install a solar system on my home?

Currently there are not many solar installers in the state of Kansas, but the number is growing on the Missouri side of Kansas City. The Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association has recently been formed to train and certify installers and has a list of all the companies certified to install solar panels. Great Day Moving actually assisted a local commercial installer, Brightergy Solar Solutions, last year when they moved into their new office space in downtown Kansas City.

Where should I put my solar panels?

Your installer should place your solar panels in a location where they will receive a minimum of 85% of solar resource, otherwise known as sunlight. This will most likely be on top of the house, but may also be placed on the ground if given enough space.

Why is there a rebate only offered in Missouri?

Missouri Proposition-C referendum was passed in 2009, which focused on creating a Renewable Energy Standard for Missouri. This also requires Missouri utilities to provide a $2 per watt rebate to residential and commercial customers who install qualified solar installations. Here’s a link to more rebates and incentives for the state of Missouri. The federal government also gives a Solar Investment Tax Credit of 30 percent of the cost of your entire solar energy system.

There are many more factors to consider as you research solar panels as an option to “green” your home or business, but hopefully these get you started. Utilizing solar power is definitely a long-term investment.

What To Know About Solar Panels

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