What The Pioneers Can Teach Us About The Cost Of Moving

Starting back in the early 1800s when pioneers trekked west in search of a better life, moving has been woven into the fabric of American history. That ethos has hardly changed since then. Today, more than 35.5 million Americans move homes every year. Luckily, advanced modes of transportation and technology have revolutionized the way we travel. Long gone are the days of covered wagons and the threat of Typhoid Fever, but modern moving still has plenty of parallels. Today, we have our own version of experienced, equipped trail guides. And like then, moving in 2018 requires plenty of physical and financial preparation.

Don’t Spend All Your Money On The Destination

The old saying, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it” couldn’t be truer when it comes to moving day. Yes, buying a new home or renting a new apartment is exciting, stressful, and – most notably – expensive. Pioneers often spent their life savings on the risk of moving west with little to no extra cash on hand. That’s also why it can be easy to blow through that emergency stash of cash on your security deposit or first mortgage payment. However, it’s wise to keep in mind that moving costs like truck rentals, packing supplies, storage units, gas, professional movers, and time off work can put a hefty dent in your wallet as well. Being savvy with your money can help save you from those often-overlooked moving costs.

Lift With Your Legs

While the physical challenges of moving pale in comparison to our pioneer ancestors, throwing out your back trying to lift the couch by yourself can turn the unpleasant task of moving into a nightmare. No, you won’t be driving a team of oxen across the plains, and you likely won’t be dealing with a bout of the measles, but it’s still wise to eat healthy and stay limber in the days leading up to the move. Doing all you can to minimize your risk of getting sick or injured will only leave you thanking yourself at the end of the long day of moving.

Even though fields and rivers have turned into highways, horses have turned into horsepower, and campfires have turned into headlights – it’s still important to look back and learn from the first Americans who decided to pack up and move in search of a better life. The stress of relocating to a new place makes it easy to overlook the financial and physical costs associated with moving day, which is why it’s best to make sure you’re prepared for anything that the frontier sends your way.

What The Pioneers Can Teach Us About The Cost Of Moving