What Can You Expect When You Call Great Day Moving?

At Great Day Moving, we are all about assisting our clients with a stress-free relocation wherever they may be moving – locally in the Kansas City metro area or a long-distance move thousands of miles away.

Whether our professional movers are loading your belongings into a rental truck to take you cross-country, packing up dishes or antiques, moving LARGE furniture only, or simply loading a portable storage container in the driveway as you stage your home to sell – we want to be the BEST MOVING RESOURCE for you. This means that the best moving solution – by way of scheduling or cost-effectiveness – may not involve our services at all. But this is okay with us.

Do you know why? Because our mission is to be the most professional, courteous and KNOWLEDGEABLEservice providers in the local moving industry.

We do not mind if the best solution for YOU does not involve OUR company. We do not have pushy salespeople trying to get all your personal information when you call in to ask general questions and we do not pressure you into scheduling your move with us. This is not the way we would like to be treated if we were shopping around for a service provider, so it’s not the way we treat our potential clients.

Phone CallBecause we want to be your Resource, here are 5 qualities you can expect when you contact Great Day Moving:

  1. We will respectfully answer all your questions and concerns about your upcoming relocation
  2. We will help you determine the most cost-effective moving solution for your particular situation
  3. We will ask as many as questions as needed to fully understand the service you need us to provide
  4. We will be upfront about all the costs involved in hiring our local moving services
  5. We will respond in a timely manner if we are unable to answer the phone when you call or when you send an email
What Can You Expect When You Call Great Day Moving?

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