Want to Sell Your Used Moving Boxes?

Moving day has come and gone. The movers moved you into your new home in less than a day (maybe even within a couple hours). You have finally gotten settled into your new home, a new routine, and a new beginning.

Now several weeks later you still have a garage full of empty, flattened moving boxes and have no idea what to do with them! You hate to throw them all in the trash. But how in the world do you recycle them? All you know is that you want your garage back and would actually like to park your car in there in case it starts snowing outside!!

We havGreat Day Moving Commercial Relocationse a great recommendation to make some of your hard-earned money back, empty your trash (or garage!), and recycle those used moving boxes by selling them. Stop by Best Price Boxes in Kansas City with your used moving boxes. Their motto is “Helping Our Environment One Box At a Time.” Best Price Boxes will buy back your used moving boxes as long as they meet their few requirements. They may inspect them for holes, tears, stains, or excessive tape. They have these particular standards since they also sell used moving boxes to the public to help people save money when preparing for their relocation.

Best Price Boxes has several locations within the Kansas City metro area. Their stores are in Leavenworth, Kansas and Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Based on their research, they have found that recycling one ton of cardboard:

  • Saves 17 trees from having to be cut down and used for pulp
  • Saves 7000 gallons of water
  • Cuts pollution
  • Saves 11 barrels (462 gallons) of oil
  • Saves more than 3 Cu yards of landfill space

Another company we’ve found that will buy your used moving boxes and supplies is BoxCycle. The selling process is a little more complicated but you can still sell your used materials nonetheless and you do not have to take them anywhere – the buyer comes to you and BoxCycle assists you with finding the buyer.

Now, it’s time to go sell all your used moving boxes and take your garage back from the CARDBOARD!

Want to Sell Your Used Moving Boxes?
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