Using Accessories To Turn A New House Into Your Home

On average, it takes a whopping 182 days for Americans to settle into a new home and finish unpacking, according to a Duck Brand Tape survey. While there are certain hacks that can help you enjoy an easy move, tailoring a brand new house to fit your personal style, taste and personality can be challenging. House accessories have, however, proven to be a big help in making a new house feel homey.

Add Customized Accessories

Bare walls make a house feel mundane, cold and unwelcoming. The importance of artwork in a new house cannot, therefore, be overstated. Personalized artworks such as family weavings, sculptures, and paintings give the house an air of uniqueness and sophistication. It also allows you to express your personality in addition to enhancing the house’s appeal. Inviting smells are one way to make a home feel pleasant. Fragrances and scented candles or air fresheners should, therefore, be regularly used to give a customized scent to a house in order to make it feel like a home. Items from childhood memories, photographs, and family memorabilia can be hung on the walls as they add sentimental values to a house which will also make it feel homely.

Incorporate Plants

Incorporating indoor plants and flowers is a great way to make a new house feel cozy not to mention make it look pleasant. Not only do they add color to the house but they also create a sense of zen. This is because plants have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and boost mood. They also help purify the air inside your new home creating a refreshing ambience. Planting indoor plants will help make your space tranquil, pleasant looking, homey and inviting. Plants that should thrive indoors include the red-edged dracaena, snake plant, peace lily, rubber plant, aloe plant, philodendron and bamboo palm.

Improve Lighting

Good lighting is the surest way to make a house feel relaxed. Poorly lit houses with little or excess light causes eye strain to a homeowner which can be discomforting. Good lighting, on the other hand, has been scientifically proven to boost moods and energy levels. It is therefore important to invest in light fixtures that emit warm temperatures with white or yellow shades. To further promote relaxation, good energy and make a house feel all the more homely, additional lighting can be installed. This includes well-placed lamps, string lights, and flameless candles all of which add coziness to a home.

Smart lighting features can also be added to improve a home’s appeal. Dimmers can be used to adjust the amount of light in the house depending on one’s mood. Installation of smart LED bulbs can also be helpful in transforming a house into a home. Its integration with the smartphone allows it to be turned on and off at the comfort of your bed. This ensures you no longer have to endure the dreadful blind walk back to bed after switching off the lights.

Feeling at home in a house you newly moved into can take time for most people. This is because customizing a house to your taste can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, it is doable. Simply work on incorporating memorabilia, art, good lighting and interior landscaping.

Using Accessories To Turn A New House Into Your Home