Tulsa Movers Get Raving Reviews!

Our team takes the utmost care in assisting our clients with professionalism. Below is a recent customer review from a woman whose mother was moving into a new home in Tulsa with various circumstances that could have been cause for a disastrous transition. Thankfully, she called Great Day Moving and we helped get her into the new place and have also assisted with subsequent moves!

I moved my mother from a large residential home to assisted living last year.  The move would be a difficult one even in the best of circumstances.  It would predictably – or so I thought – be a bleak and demanding proposition. 

Never having worked with John and Great Day Moving I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I versed John on the complexities of the move and my trepidation.  John never wavered, on the contrary, given the extremely difficult set of circumstances surrounding this move John and his crew rose to the occasion going above and beyond what one would expect from the best of professionals. 

John and the guys were at all times professional and polite, taking the utmost care in packing my mother’s fragile items, marking boxes for easy identification, from loading the truck – ensuring nothing was broken, scratched, or damaged in any way – to setting up mom’s new home.  The entire crew worked tirelessly and efficiently all day under arduous conditions.  I could not have been more grateful.  They were kind and respectful to my mom, making her feel very comfortable. 

Our initial move went so well that I have since used John and Great Day for 3 additional moves.  All were accomplished with the utmost professionalism and courtesy I have come to expect from John and his crew at Great Day. 

I encourage anyone anticipating a move to contact John.  Costs were very reasonable.  The Crew came well provisioned and happy to accommodate any unexpected occurrences that could and did come up.  

I have since come to depend on John and Great Day.  I highly recommend them!!!!!

Leigh L.

Tulsa, OK

March 2017

Tulsa Movers Get Raving Reviews!