Top Moving Myths Exposed: Part 3

In our first post exposing Top Moving Myths, we shared some basic misconceptions people tend to have about hiring a moving company. In Part 2, we focused on boxes and packing. In this third installment of Top Moving Myths, we try to expose the four biggest moving myths that cause people the most stress pertaining to moving day.

Myth 9: My movers will be day laborers or criminals

It is true that there are companies who do not have standards in their hiring practices.  But a good, reputable moving company does not hire day labor workers to move their clients. They also conduct background checks on their employees before hiring them and sending them out to you on moving day. Before you commit to hiring a moving company, ask about their hiring practices.

Myth 10: I’m only moving a few blocks, so all my stuff doesn’t have to be packed

We run into this all the time!!! People believe that the lack of distance involved in their move is an excuse for a lack of preparation because they can just “run back anBe Aware of Moving Mythsd grab something” or “throw it in my car the next time I go that way.” The process of packing your home and preparing for your move should be the same whether you are moving ten houses down the street, ten minutes away, or a thousand miles away! Don Williams Jr. once said that “Despair is most often the offspring of ill-preparedness” – a great reminder when planning for your next move. One of our favorite phrases, generally speaking, is: “If it’s not a piece of furniture, it needs to be in a box.” This is a great reminder when you’re not sure if something should be packed or not. Our checklist may be useful as well.

Myth 11: I don’t have to pay the bill until everything is unpacked

The “product” that you are purchasing from the moving company is the professional moving service or ‘labor’ of the movers. You will not have time to open all of your boxes and examine the contents before you pay the final bill and the crew is able to head out to their next client.

Myth 12: The movers will move anything that I want them to

As nice as this might be the United States Government does regulate the moving industry just like all industries.  There are many items like live plants, aerosol cans, and ammunition that a professional moving company is not allowed to transport by law. For these items, you may have to make other arrangements. Check with your moving company for a full list of items that they will not be able to transport for you.

Top Moving Myths Exposed: Part 3
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