Top Moving Myths Exposed: Part 2

Some people have preconceived or wrong ideas about hiring professional movers which unfortunately leads to unnecessary anxiety before and on moving day. In Part 1 of Moving Myths, we discussed some basic misconceptions regarding professional movers. In this installment of the Top Moving Myths we focus on boxes, packing, and extra help! Check back later for future blogs discussing other moving myths.

Myth 5: Labeling boxes doesn’t save time

The front loaded effort that comes with labeling will be made up on the back end of your move when you have four strapping men asking you where you want all of your boxes. You will save countless hours of frustration when unpacking. Nothing is worse than being unable to find that one item you need without a clue as to which box you packed it in. Ignore this myth and save yourself that stress and label at least two sides, not only the top, of each box with a basic outline of contents and in which room it belongs. Also, make Open First boxes for each room and/or family member.

Myth 6: Boxes are boxes

This is one of the moving myths that is 100% not true! You try and carry a heavy load with books or canned food in a used box that your brother-in-law picked up from the local grocery store last week for his move. It might be too wide to comfortably carry or too weak in the middle because of the weight of the contents. Used boxes that are soiled or stained may be weaker and provide less protection to your fragile items. On the other hand, real moving boxes are much stronger, stand up to more abuse, and protect your valuable possessions much better. They are the proper shapes and sizes and are designed to be packed easily on a moving truck since they are the same general proportions.

Myth 7: Packing all of the boxes is my responsibility

Most moving companies will not only provide full-service moving that includes professional packing services, but they are also more than willing to provide packing materials and boxes, creating a stress-free move for you. To save yourself money, you can definitely pack your own possessions. Feel free to reference some of our packing tips here and here before the big day or just have the professional movers take care of all the packing for you!

Myth 8: Since I have hired a moving company, my friends and family can’t help me move

The extra man power makes the job go faster and can save you money. Many professional movers have no issue with the extra set of hands on the job site to move boxes or small items. However, most companies will not take liability for items their crew does not move or pack. Family and friends getting on the back of the company truck is also a no-no due to insurance liability. But carrying stuff from the home to the truck is generally welcome.  Check with the company you hire for their policies about extra help.

Top Moving Myths Exposed: Part 2
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