Top Moving Myths Exposed: Part 1

There are a lot of myths out there about hiring out the heavy lifting to a moving company. These myths sadly create much of the anxiety and stress that comes along with relocating. We are exposing the top 12 myths in a three part blog series called Top Moving Myths; our hope is to shed some light on these myths for you. Check back for the next installment on this great topic…

Myth 1: I need to buy lunch for the crew

This moving myth is pretty popular and it stems from the idea that you are going to reward your friends with pizza and beer if they help you move. Remember these are not your friends; these are professionals you have paid to complete a task for you. While it is a very nice gesture, it certainly isn’t necessary, and they sure don’t expect it! In fact many movers prefer to work until the job is complete and grab some lunch after they are off your job.

Myth 2: Insurance will cover everything broken during the move

I am afraid not, my friends!! Most insurance policies cover only a portion of what is moved or insure a dollar amount based on your items’ weight. How this amount is determined may vary from company to company. Be sure to get a full understanding of your company’s insurance policy before the big day. There are typically several options for coverage required by federal government regulations.

Myth 3: I have to ride along with the movers on the truck

It is actually a liability for you to be on a truck if you are not employed with the moving company. So you are not allowed to ride with the crew. Commercial trucks are not considered passenger-type vehicles and are not insured as such.

Myth 4: I expect my stuff to end up broken

This is definitely the most common of all moving myths. It is also the least true. You can be sure that a reliable moving company will take the utmost care with even the most precious of your possessions. While accidents do happen, they are uncommon. Your best bet is to work with a professional moving company that has an established reputation. They are far more motivated to keep all of your belongings in perfect health than you realize.

Top Moving Myths Exposed: Part 1
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