Tips for Planning a Fun Summer with the Kids!

Tips for Planning Summer Fun with the KidsSchool is almost over in the Kansas City area. About this time panic sets in because we have no clue what to do with our kids over the summer. Although we look forward to less running around and more leisure time, kids still need structure during the summer. Your days don’t need to be planned down to the minute. Nor do you need to spend loads of money. With a little planning and preparation, the summer can be enjoyable for the whole family. Here are some tips for planning a fun summer with the kids!

1.  Get the kids involved. Gather up the family and discuss the plans for the summer. Let the kids have a say in what he family does. Yes, they may list marathon video game playing.

2.  Same house rules apply in the summer as the rest of the year. Vacations, camps, long days at the pool and late nights can throw off good routines. Be sure to keep the kids accountable for chores and other rules of the house.

3.  Keep learning. Schedule reading and review into your weekly schedule. Most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months.

4.  Plan when traveling. If you are driving, plan plenty of fun stops along the way.  Book hotels in route before you leave to avoid searching for a room at 2am. Include plenty of healthy snacks and fun car games. Check airline carry regulations so you don’t pack the wrong items in your carry-on. Pack travel board and electronic handheld games for the flight or long layovers.

5.  Whether taking a day trip or going away for the whole summer, pack accordingly. Use the Abundance Organizing packing checklist to keep track of everything that goes in your suitcase.

6.  Schedule the free stuff. There plenty of free activities in the Kansas City area for families and kids of all ages. There’s also bike rides, catching fireflies, making s’mores by the fire or camping in a tent in the back yard.

Check out this list of 100 fun summer ideas. It’s so easy to say you’re going to do all these things and then [Poof!] the first day of school is here. So schedule these daily events on your calendar just as you would a doctor appointment or lunch with a friend. Blocking off the time will help ensure you don’t schedule something else.

Here’s to planning a fun summer with your kids!

Patty Hoyt shared these fun summer planning tips with us and is a Principle Organizing Consultant with Abundance Organizing located in Olathe, Kansas. She is a self-proclaimed “reformed clutter junkie.” Patty has been organizing professionally for 5 years and specializes in working with adults and children with ADHD and other special needs. Contact Patty to help organize your home and life! She can reached at 913-912-0504 or or visit her website.

Tips for Planning a Fun Summer with the Kids!
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