Thoughts From a Ninja…Pets and Moving Day!

Great Day’s Customer Service Ninja again!!

My wife and I are the proud owners of the most beautiful, playful, friendly, and cutest golden retriever puppy in the world.  Those close to me woPets and Moving Dayuld tell you that I love that dog more than some of the members of my family.  I like having my dog around; if I had it my way I would bring her to work with me every day to hang out.

There are some instances in which having my dog around just aren’t practical, moving day is one of those times. Pets and the hectic activities of moving day just don’t go well together. Trust me. From past experience, you will want to put your family pet in its cage or kennel for the duration of the relocation. Do not let them roam free during your move.  With moving professionals continually trekking in or out of your home loading and unloading your belongings, the last thing you want is your loving family pet sneaking out the door or getting caught under foot causing injury to themselves or the moving crew.

In the most extreme example, you don’t want your family pet biting one of the crew members.  Last summer, one of our moving crews was out on a job and the customer had a small yapping dog.  The dog was stressed about having strangers in its home and was growling and barking at the movers.  After about two hours of moving the dog was at its wits end and went on a biting rampage.  It bit one of our movers on the leg as well as two of the family’s four children.  The dog bite was deep enough and strong enough to break the crew member’s skin and cause him to bleed.  I don’t want to misrepresent the blood; it wasn’t gushing, and an artery had not been sliced by any means but the bite was severe enough to warrant a band-aid.  Following company protocol, we sent the mover to an urgent care center to have the dog bite examined.  The doctor that saw our mover gave him a shot for rabies and placed him on an oral antibiotic.

The homeowner paid all the medical bills for our crew member’s injury and he was back to work in a week’s time. But it all could have been avoided if they had placed the family dog in its kennel. We must realize that even for our pets, moving day can be a very stressful time. The best thing to do with pets on moving day is to have them boarded or have a family friend or neighbor watch them. If that is not an option, just be sure to keep all family pets away from all the commotion on moving day.

Sayonara for now and have a Great Day moving!!! If you need help, just send us a Request and we’ll get back with you!

Thoughts From a Ninja…Pets and Moving Day!
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