Closing on a New Home and Moving on the Same Day

Hello there cyber land! It is I, the resident Customer Service Ninja at Great Day Moving.  I have been asked to write a series of blogs on my thoughts and experiences in helping to make moving day the Greatest. So over the course of the next few months be sure to check back often for “Thoughts From a Ninja!”

Today I want to talk about one of the biggest causes of stress and frustration for people on moving day – closing on a new home and moving in on the same date.  I know on the surface this seems like a very efficient use of your time but take it from me it is a BAD IDEA!  Nothing will send the blood pressure spiking like a phone call from your lender letting you know they are missing paperwork and your closing will be delayed.

With lending practices tightening and more stringent regulations in the housing industry, the smallest discrepancy can delay your closing.  Over the past year we have had several clients request our moving crew to show up in the morning to start moving all of their earthly belongings on the same day that they were closing on their new home; they had the plans of sneaking away to sign the final paperwork before it was time to arrive at the destination and unload everything. They had hoped to be closing on their new home while the movers were packing up their possessions only to learn the bank was missing a signature or one piece of paper and could not proceed without it.  These situations can spiral even the most stoic of people into an emotional frenzy.

Save yourself time, money, and sanity by taking care of the business end of buying a new home (i.e. closing on your new home) on a different day than you schedule the movers to arrive. This way you can have fun with moving and choose the best possible place for your most favorite chair that is just too comfortable to throw away, but too outdated to let your friends see.

Closing on a New Home and Moving on the Same Day

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