Thoughts From a Ninja…A Few Tips on Tipping The Movers!!

Hello there again cyber land! It is I, the resident Customer Service Ninja discussing the ins and outs of tipping your movers. Consumers put a lot of confidence in the professional movers they hire, which is why the good ones are valued far above the rest. It is also why we pride our service on the repeat customers that continue to call us back year after year.

Although movers are considered part of the service trade, there is usually a lot more riding on their job performance than, maybe, a waitress or someone who mows your lawn. If the waitress drops your plate of food, she can quickly get you a new order and the grass, well, it will always grow back. However if a moving technician does an inferior pack job with your kitchen dishes, drops an antique family heirloom, or mistakenly drags your piaTaking care of customers and moversno across the hardwood floor, there is a lot more at stake! Just like any other service provider, you would base your “tip” on the actual job performance – a bad attitude or a lazy work ethic would hardly be considered tip worthy. If, however, you think your crew was attentive, helpful, and professional with you and your possessions, then you have the option to give what you believe is fair.

Most professional movers don’t necessarily expect a tip, but definitely appreciate when one is given. To them, it’s a sign that you recognized their effort and thought it worthwhile. It’s also helpful to remember that most movers won’t be driving home at the end of the day in a brand new Lexus.

Moving is a very stressful life event jammed with thousands of tiny details that all need consideration. One of those is how to treat the crew moving your life’s belongings, so here are a few tips on tipping the movers:

  • Moving is hard, back-breaking work. How nice it would be to provide your crew with a cold beverage of some type – bottled water, soda or a sports drink!
  • Some clients prefer to buy lunch for the crew in lieu of a cash tip and this is perfectly fine. Others do both. Really it is whatever you are comfortable with. If you do offer to buy the crew lunch, try to ask if they have a preference as to food choice. Most people think, “We’ll get them some pizza,” so you can imagine how much pizza they have eaten.
  • A tip about tipping from movers themselves: Do not give the lump sum to the foreman or driver. Give each worker their tip. It shows that you recognize and appreciate their individual efforts.
  • Avoid giving the guys beer at the end of the day. It’s a bit stereotypical and most legitimate companies will fire any crew members drinking on the job because this can lead to legal or liability issues with the government or insurance company.

Sayonara for now and have a Great Day Moving and remember tipping your movers (and how much) is completely up to you!!!

Thoughts From a Ninja…A Few Tips on Tipping The Movers!!
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