Things Professional Movers Cannot Move!

Hello there again cyber land! It is I, the resident Customer Service Ninja™ at Great Day Moving. Today I wanted to share about the things that we are unable to move: non-allowable items – an industry term for the items that professional movers will not transport.

Here at Great Day Moving we love our customers so much and want to help with all of their moving needs. But there are just some items that the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates against us carrying in our moving trucks. Besides the dangerous items like hazardous materials, there are also items that we highly recommend you transport yourself.

Professional movers typically divide non-allowable items into 3 categories:

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Perishable Items
  • Personal Importance or Sentimental Value

Hazardous materials are potentially flammable, corrosive, or explosive. These may include (but are not limited to):

Aerosol Cans Gasoline/Kerosene Paints/Stains
Acids/Ammonia Lighter fluid Pesticides/Fertilizers/Poisons
Ammunition/Firearms Matches/Fireworks Pool chemicals
Car batteries Motor Oil/Antifreeze Pressurized containers
Cleaning supplies Nail Polish/Remover Propane tanks
Corrosives/Chemicals Open Liquor bottles Turpentine/Solvents
Fire extinguishers Paint thinner Yard equipment & Fuel

We hate saying no around here but the above list is non-negotiable. If you are moving long-distance with professional movers, many of these can be given to friends and family or you can contact your city to find out how and where to properly dispose of thesResearch Professional Movers and Non-Allowable Itemse items. According to the DOT, if certain hazardous materials are shipped in a moving van without the mover’s knowledge, their liability may be limited or reduced in the case of damages caused by these items.

Perishable items typically are not allowed on moving trucks since they will spoil while in transit, may attract bugs that will damage your property, and are unsanitary. Some examples are:

Frozen food Refrigerated food
Fresh product Opened food products
House/potted plants Uncleaned Pet habitats

If you are not moving long-distance, but locally (in less than a 12  hour period), the company may allow food items to be transported as long as they are properly packed.

Personal or sentimental items are those that have personal significance or value that would be difficult or impossible to replace if lost or damaged. Some of these possessions we consider to be priceless, especially if it’s the photo album of your first-born child or even the DVD from your wedding day.

Here’s a look at what professional movers typically consider personal or sentimental:

Address book Computer discs Medicine
Airline tickets Financial/personal docs Personal videos/DVDs
Car keys Hardware from dis-assembly Photographs, photo albums
Car titles Insurance policies Professional files
Cash/credit cards IRAs, deeds, tax records Research projects
CDs Jewelry/Furs School records
Cell phones/pagers Keys to furniture, safe, home Sterling silver
Certificates of deposit Laptop computers Stocks or bonds
Checkbooks Medical, dental records Wedding albums
Collections (coin, stamp)

Most professional movers do not like to transport these items due to the inherent risk of loss or damage. Understandably, they would prefer to limit their liability with items of such a sensitive nature.

There is also the issue of extreme temperatures affecting photographs, medicines, or even sensitive electronics such as a laptop.

It is better to bring these non-allowable items along with you personally than pack them on the moving truck and as a consumer you would probably rather have these belongings under your control. Be sure to do your research and ask your professional movers about their specific policies regarding non-allowable items so that you can plan ahead.

Feel free to contact us directly at 877-541-1015 if you have specific questions regarding a particular item or contact us.

Sayonara for now and have a Great Day moving!!!

Things Professional Movers Cannot Move!
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