Thanksgiving Prep and Turkey Giveaway!

UPDATE!!! If you’re looking for our CURRENT turkey giveaway, CLICK HERE to enter!!!

Thanksgiving will be here in two short weeks. And, if you’re like most folks, you’ll have a house full of family and friends. We know that can be stressful, but if you plan ahead, you can eliminate some of the worry and enjoy the holiday. Here are some handy tips.

Start cleaning your home. Now’s the time to tackle all the projects that never get done like cleaning windows and carpet (if you’d like to have a professional help out, you better call now!)  Pull out all your silverware to make sure you’ll have enough, wash those tablecloths and check to see if you have enough serving dishes. Planning ahead will save you lots of time and possibly a last minute trip to Target.

Plan your feast. Yes, we know you’re going to eat turkey, but it’s a great idea to figure out those side dishes as well. Start digging through cookbooks or online to find a great sweet potato recipe or a unique twist on green beans. Decide if you’ll make one pie or two.

Start shopping now.  The Sunday paper was filled with Thanksgiving sales, so make that list and start saving. Stock up on staples like chicken stock, butter and flour and pick up a couple bags of frozen vegetables just in case. If you don’t want a frozen turkey, be sure to order one from your favorite grocery store.

Cook ahead of time. Figure out what you can make now and freeze.  Casseroles are easy to assemble and pull out of the freezer the day before. And, gravy and pie crusts can be made now as well. The more you do before, the less time you have to spend in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day.

At Great Day Moving, we’d like to say thanks. Thanks for your business. Thanks for your friendship. And thanks for your support.

We’d also like to make your holiday a little easier. So this year, we’re giving away a fresh 18 pound turkey from Henhouse. Best of luck in our Turkey Contest! We hope you win!

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Thanksgiving Prep and Turkey Giveaway!

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