Taking the Headache out of Home Ownership

Home ownership is a key part of the American Dream. Unfortunately, not every part of being a home owner is all it’s cracked up to be.  Prime Residential Management (PRM) would like to introduce a unique service model that provides home-owners peace of mind by offering a maintenance-free lifestyle.  PRM delivers a concierge-like service that gives homeowners a single source solution to take care of any need that might arise with their home. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not anymore!

“We want to change the way people look at home ownership by providing them with a service that essentially allows them to be hands-off with their home and property,” said David Cotter, the Founder and President of PRM.  “Let PRM maintain your home so you can focus on the important things in life, like your family, friends, and hobbies,” he continues.

Prime Residential Management is Kansas City’s premier total home management company, focusing on an all-inclusive residential experience that includes preventative maintenance, vacation coverage, inspections and complimentary minor home repairs.  PRM will manage your most valued asset – your home – from inside to out and everything in between.  If a problem ever arises with your home, make one call, and PRM will provide the solution.  Rest assured your home will always be taken care of and your best interests always kept in mind.

“The fact is, homes need to be maintained properly over time and the typical home owner may not have the time, resources or know-how,” Cotter said.  “That’s where PRM excels!”  Let PRM address the common household issues that can add up to hours and hours of work, making your life less stressful, and owning a home significantly easier.

Relax, we’ll take it from here!

For more information, please contact David Cotter at 913-735-5230 or email at davidc@prmadvantage.com.

*David Cotter, Founder and President of PRM wrote this guest blog to share more about his company and services. He is an entrepreneur in the Kansas City metro area. Their mission is to guide clients, save time, and tackle any-and-all challenges, while maximizing their homes efficiency and performance. Our process helps create safe, comfortable, and reliable environments for homeowners and their families. His total home management company truly takes the headache out of home ownership while giving you peace of mind that everything is maintained as it should be. Check out his short introductory video as well!

Taking the Headache out of Home Ownership