Take Time For You Now That It’s Back To School!

Take some time for yoga- Great Day MovingWe all love our kids but confess, aren’t you happy now that it’s back to school time? August gives us an opportunity to get back in a routine but it can be a crazy time as well. Shouldn’t you take a little time for you in the next couple of weeks before all the crazy carpooling starts? The answer is yes but where to begin? Here are our suggestions.

  • Block off an entire day for back to school pampering. Start with a massage then a pedicure. Can’t afford fancy spa treatment? Make some fancy foot scrub at home, buy some new polish and paint those toes yourself.
  • Get back to the gym. You’ve probably been active chasing kids all summer, but now’s the time to take care of you. Get back to your regular work out routine. Spice it up with some new classes like Zumba or Yoga.
  • Plant some flowers-The best time to get perennials in the ground just happens to be coming up. Do a little research then spend a morning at a nursery picking out the perfect fall colors for your garden. Or, plant some annuals like mums or asters.
  • Read a good book-Of course, you’ve been reading in bed before lights out, but now’s the time to take an afternoon and curl up on the couch with a good book. Check out the New York Times bestseller list and pick one out that sounds intriguing.
  • Have a girl’s lunch or night out- Yes, you spent time with other moms at the pool, but now’s the time to have some girl talk kid-free. Organize a lunch for all your friends at your home with healthy summer salads. Or, plan a night out on the town.

Finally enjoy your home now that it’s quiet. Take advantage of your free time and do things that you love. Before you know it, you’ll be in the hustle and bustle of activities and holidays. Enjoy your time now!

Take Time For You Now That It’s Back To School!
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