Staying Safe While Moving

Staying Safe While Moving & LiftingIf you’ve made the decision to move yourself and not hire a professional moving company, remember to place top priority on staying safe while moving. It is important to understand that moving is a physically demanding process. From the packing, to loading the rental truck, and then to unloading the truck into your new home, there are potential risks along the way.  Then there is the unpacking, organizing, and arranging of furniture.

With all of the heavy lifting, carrying, and stress that go into the process, it is easy to open yourself up to injury. Packing up all your possessions into cardboard boxes that can just barely support the weight is a recipe for disaster — and by disaster, I mean potential physical injuries. Try not to over pack boxes where they are bulging at the top and bottom.

Working out in the heat all day and not taking breaks to drink enough water or eat properly is another hazard. When moving in hot weather special precautions should be taken, such as wearing the proper attire and eating although you may not feel hungry.

Know and always practice the proper lifting techniques when carrying, pushing, or pulling boxes, furniture or other items. Taking extra care to limit twisting or turning improperly when carrying boxes or other large or bulky items is another tip to staying safe while moving.

Kid’s toys scattered throughout the house while maneuvering your way through with a heavy box in your arms is definitely an accident waiting to happen. Staying safe while moving involves clearing all major pathways in your home prior to moving day, such as the hallway, all doorways, and your front door. Pick up all toys (whether kids’ or pets’), any rugs on hard surfaces that could slide, and all other potential trip hazards that you notice. Think about the weather and how rain or other ‘wet’ weather could cause walking surfaces to be slippery and dangerous. Lay down cardboard in areas that may be a risk.

Staying safe while moving is imperative to keeping everyone happy and healthy. And it’s key to keeping stress levels at a minimum before, during, and after moving day.

Staying Safe While Moving
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