Searching For a New Apartment with your Smartphone

There’s no denying how smartphones have streamlined many aspects of daily life. From organizing your contacts to working on the go to shopping for groceries, new ways to incorporate smartphone technology into daily life are being developed every day. At Great Day Moving, our industry is no different. Below we’ll highlight some of the advantages smartphone technology brings to the table when searching for a new apartment.

1.      Apartment Listing Apps

Gone are the days of browsing the classified pages and organizing information manually. There are a number of apps available for most smartphones that make listings readily available with up-to-date information. Many are designed with simple interfaces that make searching quick and easy. They do the work for you by filtering search results based on any number of criteria – from location, cost, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, size, pet acceptance, amenities and more. If you have GPS features installed, the app can use that information to find apartments close to your current location. That can be helpful if you’re visiting a complex and aren’t satisfied with the place you’re looking at. Simply open up the app and see if there are any other places nearby to check out while you’re in the area. A couple names to keep in mind when searching your app market are MyNewPlace and Archstone.

2.      Map Out Proximity To The Places You Visit Most

If you’re faced with a tough choice between two similar units in different places, you can easily solve the tie by mapping out your potential route to work, the store, the gym and anywhere else you go regularly. Using your smartphone’s GPS map is a great way to see what kind of resources would be within walking distance, driving distance or just too far out of the way.

3.      Rent & Utility Calculators

Rent isn’t the only expense to consider when searching for a new apartment. Whether you have to pay electricity, water, natural gas or all three on top of the cost of rent, there are many apps available to help you predict monthly expenses. With just the push of a few buttons you can find out exactly how much a certain apartment is really going to cost.

4.      Learn More About The Neighborhood

When walking or driving around a neighborhood you’re thinking of moving to, it’s easy to overlook various buildings, businesses, parks and other highlights. Then there are the intangibles – cost of living, demographics, weather patterns and job availability, to name a few. There are plenty of apps available on all smartphone networks that can provide insights into this kind of information. When searching for a new apartment it’s best to learn as much about a given area as possible before you decide to move. Smartphones make it simple and easy to learn about a new city or neighborhood.

5.      Searching For A Roommate

Your smartphone can help streamline your search for a new roommate as well. Many of the major roommate search websites have released smartphone apps that help ease the process. Filter potential roommates by any number of factors, ranging from the amount they’re willing to pay to smoking preferences to whether they have any pets. You don’t have to waste time interviewing people who don’t meet your qualifications.

People often underestimate the power of the devices we all carry around in our pockets every day. With smartphone technology, searching for a new apartment has never been simpler. And remember, once you’ve located that new apartment, call Great Day Moving for all your relocation needs or submit a request for an estimate! Happy hunting!

Searching For a New Apartment with your Smartphone
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