Reasons to Rent an Enclosed U-Haul Trailer When Moving

We understand that sometimes you only need to transport a small amount of items when moving. So we have compiled a list of reasons to rent an enclosed U-Haul trailer when moving.

  1. You may only be moving a small amount of stuff such as a sofa and boxes or a few pieces of furniture. You’ve weighed your options and it just doesn’t seem cost effective to rent a U-Haul truck or to hire professional movers.
  2. Your vehicle already has a hitch properly installed and you are not worried about pulling a U-Haul trailer behind your vehicle.
  3. You own a body jewelry kiosk business and travel across the country setting up stores in malls. A U-Haul trailer can hold all your cases, supplies, equipment, and inventory.
  4. Borrowing your friend’s horse trailer would just be gross. They may have cleaned it well, but what if you can’t get that horrible odor out of your clothes or mattress!
  5. The weather is simply too unpredictable to use an uncovered trailer when moving. It may be that time of year for a possible afternoon rain shower or maybe there is a blizzard in the forecast. You don’t want your precious belongings drenched or ruined by the elements.
  6. You need to get your personal vehicle to the destination in addition to your furniture and boxes so renting a U-Haul truck to transport your belongings isn’t the best option. Although you could pull your vehicle behind the truck on a car trailer, you may not trust your navigating abilities in a big truck with your car attached to the back of it.
  7. You are doing a trade show for your business and need to transport your exhibit and supplies to the convention center but your vehicle isn’t large enough to carry everything.
  8. You’re baby just graduated from high school (yikes!) and you are moving them to a dorm room on their college campus. In this case, they may have too much stuff to fit in the back of your truck or SUV but an 5’ x 8’ U-Haul trailer may hold everything nicely.
Reasons to Rent an Enclosed U-Haul Trailer When Moving

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