Preparing for Moving Day: 2 Common Questions

Most new clients – those moving for the first time or those who haven’t moved in a very long time – have similar concerns that we seek to address during the booking process. We even have various resources you can find here to help in preparing for moving day and to save money when moving.

Below are 2 common questions and our responses to aid you in preparing for moving day before the movers arrive.

Should I take everything out of my drawers and file cabinets?

As a general rule, we typically say that “if the piece of furniture was assembled in place, then it should be disassembled completely before moving.” In addition, when you purchase furniture such as dressers, armoires, desks, and file cabinets they are empty. They have most likely been handled and transported that way from the beginning. Although some items seem sturdy or strong enough to handle the extra weight, they weren’t designed to maintain their structural integrity with additional weight, especially when balanced on 2 feet or legs instead of all 4. So be sure to remove all clothing, files, and belongings and pack safely into boxes.

This concept seems very simple, but it can be the cause of serious damage during the moving process if ignored. When all furniture is emptied of contents, damage due to neglect will be minimized. The items are also lighter in weight which allows the team to move faster and exert less energy while handling or carrying. This is a very important rule to follow in preparing for moving day.

Movers Carrying Empty TV Armoire

How can I protect my floors during the move?

This depends on how serious you are about avoiding potential damages to your flooring and how much time you want to spend preparing for moving day. For the average client, we put a moving blanket in the entryway or foyer to negate any scuffing that may occur since it is the main point of entry used. Some clients with newly refinished hardwood floors may not think this a viable option.

We recommend using some of your extra moving boxes, cutting them at one corner, and placing them flat on the floor. Then use blue painter’s tape and tape down the edges of the box. Make a path with the boxes through the main walkway of the home. By doing this, the movers can access the entire house and the main walkway is protected. Since the movers are only in each room for a short period of time placing floor protection in each room isn’t necessary. If you have carpet, the same precautions can be taken by applying carpet mask (a type of stretch wrap found on a roll) that you can purchase from a local hardware store.


These are just 2 common concerns we address for our new clients when they are preparing for moving day. You may have more and we are here to answer any questions you have, feel free to call us at (913) 608-8090 or email us at

Preparing for Moving Day: 2 Common Questions
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