Pre-Sale Cleaning Guide: Help Your Property Sell Fast!

Proper planning is the only solution to making your home appear immaculate to potential buyers in the real estate market. You don’t want to even think about selling until you have the answers to these questions first.

What Am I Going To Do With All This Junk?

Don’t be offended. Most of America is in that boat with you! Everyone buys products that they think they need, but seldom use them. Some of the items are used regularly while others are tossed in storage areas of the house. This builds up clutter in practically every room of the home. You have a mess on your hands over an extended period of time.

The best method to remove all the clutter is to imagine that you’re downsizing into a smaller home. It has to go if you’re moving into less square footage of living space. The best way to remove clutter is one room at a time. Box it up to give to charity or make some moving expense cash with a garage sale.

After the clutter is removed, rooms will seem to become larger with spacious closets. Dining and living rooms become larger. That extra space gives you more freedom to move around while cleaning. Hope you had plenty of boxes left, you’re going to need them to pack up all the pictures and wall decorations.

You better hurry for more boxes. This is a marathon, not the 100-yard dash. You will need them to pack away seasonal clothes, toys and practically everything else that you can do without until you settle into the new house.

The things you pack away can be packed away in a storage facility or portable storage container. You could have family members that will let you store it in their garage. The main thing is to get everything out of your house and off the property.

Oh My Goodness, What To Do With Interior Walls That Need Work!

Over long periods of time, damage can happen to painted walls. It can be accidental dents and scratches. It could be the old wall paint has faded where UV rays enter the rooms through windows. You can see it like a storm arriving in the summer. Unless you planned to sell the house needing work, you better figure out what to do with those walls.

Some homeowners are very handy at most DIY (do it yourself) projects at home. Painting a few rooms is easy for them. Hire a painting service to do the work if you feel that a little sheetrock repair and painting is too much. You can find people who will do the work for you at reasonable prices.

Do I Clean It Myself Or Hire A Cleaning Service?

You can manage most of the cleaning yourself after removing the clutter and having the painting out of the way. If your house has carpet, cleaning it can be one of the chores that you might want to hire a cleaning service for. Shampooing carpet is a time consuming job that takes patience. In reality, most household carpet cleaning machines don’t have the power to remove dirt like the professional models.

The rest is easy. Clean the house as you normally do first. Go back through the home to clean ceiling fans, hanging light fixtures, windows, bathrooms and kitchen areas. Wood flooring should be clear of dust and polished with a light buffing. You want the entire home to be sparkling clean for all visitors that come to view the property. If you are crunched for time and don’t want to deal with the headache, you can hire a cleaning service to tackle this chore for you. Some might give you a discount as they are not dealing with dusting furniture, dishes, laundry etc. Then again, you may need the windows and door thresholds cleaned which may not be in the normal scope.

How Will I Keep It Clean For Potential Buyers To Come Visit?

Explain to everyone in the family that the house needs to stay clean, neat and tidy for visitors interested in buying the home. They can help keep their things picked up and bedrooms clean.

At this point, keeping the home clean until you sell is relatively easy. You have removed the excess clutter. The house has been thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. The rooms are painted and the carpet smells fresh and clean. A general weekly cleaning is all that you need to worry with now. Your home should be easier to maintain since the hard work has already been accomplished.

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Pre-Sale Cleaning Guide: Help Your Property Sell Fast!