Packing Smart and Staying Green

Packing your home before a move is never easy. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and often expensive. With more than 10% of Americans moving each year, millions of people are looking for ways to streamline the packing process. If you’re dreading the day you start packing, we have some eco-friendly moving tips designed to spare you some headaches. Try these hacks to make packing up your place a little bit easier while recycling goods in your home.

Dealing With Clothing

It’s important to take extra care during a move, particularly when it comes to your possessions. Your clothing is delicate and it’s crucial that you protect articles from damage. You can easily do this by hanging clothes and sliding them into a garbage bag. You can store more than one item in a bag, and when you arrive at your new home, it’s easy to slide the bag off and access your clothing. This is a great way to recycle old, clean garbage bags. You can even find biodegradable options to use for your move and in the home.

Packing up Cosmetics

Moving can easily damage expensive cosmetics such as eyeshadow and compact powders. In order to protect your makeup, you can place an old, dry cotton ball inside the container. This precautionary measure will prevent both the mirror and the powder from getting crushed and breaking. The cotton acts as a cushion without scratching or damaging the delicate makeup underneath.

Boxing Up Electronics

No one likes to untangle a box full of cords after a move. Instead of throwing cords in a box and dealing with the aftermath later, you can spend a little bit of time carefully wrapping each cord and then stuff it inside an old toilet paper roll to protect it. This will prevent wires from getting tangled together and make them easier to unpack later. It’s also a space-saver. Perhaps best of all, you can label each roll so that you know which cord belongs to which appliance.

Protecting Flatware

When it comes to packing the kitchen, most people opt to use bubble wrap. While bubble wrap is good at protecting breakable items, it’s also expensive and nonbiodegradable. A cheaper, more eco-friendly option is to wrap plates and bowls in your t-shirts. You won’t have to spend any money, and you’ll be packing your shirts at the same time as you tackle the kitchen.

Moving to a new place is challenging, particularly when it comes to packing. These eco-friendly hacks recycle goods around your home to help make packing a little bit less stressful. Your boxes will also be more organized, making unpacking a breeze.

Packing Smart and Staying Green