Not All Local Movers Are Created Equal

A regular complaint by those who have hired local movers is that of a lack of care in completing their relocation. Just ask around and you may hear remarks like “the movers were slow,” they horsed around,” or were “milking the clock.” But no one wants to hire a moving company whose employees are slow-moving and careless. Yet, this hourly method of compensation is industry standard for local moving companies despite the tendency toward laziness since there is no incentive for them to excel. The same is true of most service-based industries where wages are paid on an hourly basis.

When local movers “horse around” and stretch out their billable hours, this gives movers in general a bad rap. However, not all local movers are paid by the hour.

We have worked long and hard to develop our current compensation system so that everyone in the process wins at the end of each moving day. We believe that no customer should have to suffer through their relocation with a crew of lazy, non-incentivized movers.

At Great Day Moving, our employees are paid a percentage of each relocation they complete. Basically all Great Day Movers make a base pay, and then a premium is calculated on top of that based on customer satisfaction, (lack of) damaged items, and speed of service. This is true whether the customer hires us for an hourly or a fixed-price move.

We are dedicated to providing a quality service to our customers and consistently work to improve our internal processes to make ourselves accountable in every way. So the next time a friend mournfully tells you about the hourly movers they hired, be sure to tell them, “Not all local movers are created equal!

Not All Local Movers Are Created Equal

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