Moving With Kids: How To Make it Easier on the Little Ones

Relocating your family and entire earthly possessions can be a stressful time, but Moving With Childrenparticularly for children. Kids typically thrive in the routine of everyday life. When they find out they have to leave their favorite tree house, their neighborhood, or their school, they may become anxious and confused.

Although the relocation may only be across town or down the street, the transition to a new place seems like a completely different world when you’re only 3 feet tall and have few years of life experiences! Here are some ways you can make the transition a little bit easier.

  • As soon as you know that you will be moving, tell the kids so they will have time to adjust to the idea. Don’t put it off and wait until they have little time to deal with the change.
  • Allow them to ask questions and express their feelings about the changes that are ahead.
  • Assist them in researching the new area or school (online or at a library) you are moving to so they can better process where they will actually be. Show them on a map where the new home will be located.
  • Remember that attitude is everything. The children will respond based on your attitude to the upcoming move. If you are positive and excited, then they will be and will adapt much better to the idea. If you are nervous and worried about the move, they will follow suit.
  • Consider having someone babysit or entertain younger children on moving day to keep them from being underfoot.  This will keep them occupied and safe while the movers handle your priceless possessions from point A to B!
Moving With Kids: How To Make it Easier on the Little Ones