Moving With a Pet

Moving With a PetMoving with a pet can often be stressful – especially if you’re moving to another city or state and don’t know what to expect. Here are some handy tips to help you plan for moving day that will make your pet more comfortable and your life a little easier.

  • Get a copy of your pet’s records from your current veterinarian. Make sure all shots and licenses are up to date. Check the regulations in your new city or state so you will comply before the move. If your pet is on medication, get an ample supply. And, discuss the need for a sedative with your vet if you’re traveling a long distance by car or plane.
  • Try to keep your routine as normal as possible in the days leading up to the move. If you feed your cat or take walks with your dog at a certain time, continue to do so. Spoil them a little in the days leading up to make moving with a pet easier and less stressful.
  • Consider boarding your pet (or leaving them with a friend) on moving day. Even the best-behaved pet may be stressed with all the boxes and furniture in disarray and try to escape. And, the chances are even better with all the people going in and out of your home. Plan ahead and secure your spot at your favorite doggy daycare so you are not out of luck on moving day.
  • If you’re traveling a long-distance, create a checklist of things your pets need in the car. Make sure your carriers fit and that you have plenty or food and water. Check your route before to find rest-stops to exercise your dogs. Also, pack their medicines and treats.
  • Once you arrive at your new home, be sure to inspect the environment first to make sure it’s pet-proof. Check to see that the fence is secure and all the gates closed. Once you’re certain, you can release your pet from its leash or carrier. Be sure that the windows and doors are closed so your pet won’t escape.

While moving with a pet takes some extra care and consideration, it can be easy if you plan. Be sure to enjoy your new home as soon as possible and get back into your routines. Your pet will thank you.

Moving With a Pet
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