Moving: When is the Best Time of Year to Move?

Moving can be dreadful, stressful, and un-welcomed no matter what time of the year it is, but if you have some flexibility there are some factors to consider when choosing your moving date.

Seasonal Considerations

Few people would argue with you that summertime is the best time to move. School is out, the weather will most likely be great, and friends and family are more willing and available to help you on moving day.  If this is your ideal time to move, check with your professional moving company to find out what their schedule and rates are pertaining to your preferred move date.  If you are planning to move at peak times, you will need to be organized to ensure that you keep the costs down.  Keep in mind that with some moving companies the level of service often changes during summer months due to a cheaper labor force of students replacing full-time experienced movers.

Since moving in the summer could cost more money, many people choose to relocate during the winter months to save money. However, with winter comes a special set of circumstances that need to be factored into your move.  Travel can be more difficult for you, your family and even the moving company due to winter weather.  Items kept overnight in a truck under freezing conditions may result in damaged goods. If you are moving from one climate to another, water damage may occur when truck or container carrying your household items travels from a cold environment to a warmer climate. Freezing and thawing causes the most damage if items are not properly sealed. Check out our other winter moving posts here and here for more details.


When possible, avoid moving before major holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the July 4th. You might think that no one is trying to move during a holiday, but many moving companies charge a premium rate because of the demand.  If people are off work for the holiday and can move without using vacation or sick time then it is a bonus for them. Moving before birthdays, anniversaries, and other family events or gatherings can also be difficult – especially for small children and teenagers. If you absolutely have to relocate before a holiday or special event, give yourself enough time in your new place beforehand to meet new people and feel a sense of community.

School CalendarHappy Family on Moving Day

Summer relocation is an ideal time, as children have completed another grade and have said goodbye to their friends.  When setting a moving date, try to allow at least several weeks at your new home for children to unpack and meet new neighborhood friends before the school year begins. This will help make the transition into a new home, neighborhood, and school much easier on them. Too much change too quickly can be detrimental to a child’s performance in school.

The Ideal Time

If money and time are not issues for you, then the best time of the year to relocate is spring or late fall.  It will be easier to find and hire movers and you will most likely have the cooperation of the weather; it won’t be blistering hot or wet and icy.  The times to avoid hiring most moving companies are weekends (some companies charge higher rates for Saturday and Sunday) and the last five days of each month.

Moving: When is the Best Time of Year to Move?
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