Ready to get moving? Check our list of useful tips for moving day to save time and money as well as alleviate unneeded stress. Click for printable PDF.

  1. Unless previously requested, packing materials (carpet protector, boxes, or tape) will not be available by the relocation crew on moving day
  2. If self-packing:
    1. separately stack heavy boxes from light/medium-weight boxes, this will insure less handling time and keep lightweight and fragile boxes off the bottom when loaded onto the truck
    2. Properly box all electronic equipment, especially TVs, computers, etc. It’s best if they are transported in your vehicle and we can load/unload them for you.
    3. Tape all boxes closed and mark with the room they will be going to. Be sure to mark boxes of sensitive items as “fragile.”
  3. Disconnect or unplug all electronics and appliances before movers arrive:
    1. Electrical Cords: Remove from component and put into personal bag/box OR tape to the component itself.
    2. Washer/Dryer: Disconnect all water and electrical connections
    3. Fridge/ Freezer: Disconnect all water and electrical connections
  4. Empty the contents of refrigerators, cabinets and desks. Remove small, fragile and valuable items from file cabinets and drawers.
  5. Do not stuff more items into drawers that will increase the weight of the piece
  6. Disassemble bed frames and put all hardware into plastic bags that can be stored in a nightstand drawer to insure against loss during transit
  7. If we are only moving certain items for you, please make sure paths are cleared for the movers’ safety and to save time
  8. Remove all light bulbs and shades out of lamps
  9. Keep all important paperwork handy (method of payment, coupons, lease/home paperwork) so they do not get packed up or misplaced during the move
  10. Items we cannot transport on our trucks and for which other arrangements must be made:
    1. Gasoline Cans
    2. Firearms/Ammunition
    3. Open Liquor bottles
    4. Aerosol Cans
    5. Hazardous or Corrosive Materials
    6. Yard equipment with fuel
    7. Live, potted plants
    8. Animals or pets
    9. Un-cleaned pet habitats (kennels, cages, etc)