What To Do If You’re Moving on Short Notice

For many people there’s a lot of anxiety associated with the moving process. And if you find yourself moving on short notice, that anxiety can turn into sheer terror.  At Great Day Moving we have compiled a helpful list to make your relocation happen successfully in a short period of time.

Don’t Panic!!

Moving on short notice = life will be hectic. But losing your cool can turn your situation from stressful to nightmare in a matter of no time. Panicking may keep you from thinking clearly and could cause you to forget important details, documents, or steps that are vital in making the process run smoothly.

Secure a Place to Live Online Research for Place to Live

Whether you are moving because of an unexpected job transfer, financial hardship, or relationship issues, making sure you have a place to go is crucial. It is difficult to plan the rest of the relocation process unless you know your destination. Use resources such as online apartment guides or local chambers of commerce in the new area to connect you with quality temporary housing or local apartment communities.

Get Copies of Important Documents

Children’s school and medical records, mortgage or lease information, and financial documents are much easier to gather when you can pick them up or talk to someone in person about getting copies. Keep all important documents and records in a safe place throughout the moving process.

Find a Mover

Depending on your timeframe and the details of your situation, many moving companies offer full-service packages where they handle the packing, moving and unpacking of your entire home. This service generally costs more but is a great way to eliminate the stress and preparation time that comes with moving on such short notice.

Cancel Utility Services

Contact your utility providers and set up disconnection of the utilities for the DAY AFTER your move. Do not have them turned off the day before or day of your move because you don’t want to be working in the dark or cold with no running water.

Remember, just like the regular ebbs and flows in life, moving on short notice “is all what you make of it.” Try to treat it like a game or adventure and you will be smooth sailing. If you would like more advice on preparing for an upcoming move in Kansas City, just give us a call at 816-389-8706.

What To Do If You’re Moving on Short Notice
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