Moving Day Survival Kit from Move Mama Move

Just in time for Mother’s Day this year is a guest post from Lisa at Move Mama Move! Happy Mother’s Day!

When moving day arrives, you will have many tasks to complete. Your mom brain may be in full force. Pack a Moving Day Survival Kit a week before moving day, so you will have everything you need when moving day comes. Most items will be packed up the day before you leave your old home and you probably won’t have much unpacked in your new home for the first week. Therefore, it is essential to have a survival kit to get you through the couple days before and after the move.

The items listed below will help your move go more smoothly and help save you money.  I can’t tell you how many last minute trips my husband and I have made to the nearest store to pick up last minute items.  Since we were buying these items at the last minute and the most convenient location, the costs were more than we would typically spend.

Save yourself time and money by putting the items listed below in a box labeled “OPEN FIRST BOX.”  That way, you will know this is the box that will have the basics to keep you as comfortable as possible during the move.  You will know to open this box as soon as your belongings arrive at your new home. I always tell the movers to load this box last, so that it is the first box to come off the truck at our new house.

Sometimes, I have even taken this box in my own car so I will have access to it at all times.  When we flew across the country I packed a suitcase with all of these items. It was not a Moving Survival Kit Box, but a Moving Survival Kit Suitcase 🙂

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About the Author:  Hello! Lisa is a wife, new mama to “Chulengo,” physical therapist, lover of life, and blogger for  She is a self-proclaimed recovering “Type-A” who is attempting to live each chapter of life to its fullest and learn to go with the flow.  Her family just completed a cross-country move, and when she’s not busy juggling her newly expanded family, she can be found traveling, trying new recipes, popping open bottles of wine, reading, and attempting to maintain an organized life.

Moving Day Survival Kit from Move Mama Move