Moving Day and Your Air Conditioner

The resident Customer Service Ninja at Great Day Moving is at it again. It’s sure hot out there right now!! Don’t get me wrong the longer the snow shovel stays in the attic, the happier I am but this heat is breathtaking. I had a conversation with a customer the other day about moving day and your air conditioner and thought I would pass it along.

Moving Day and Air ConditionerWith 90+ degree temperatures, people have their home air conditioner units running overtime to keep their living space cool and comfortable. Well, moving items in and out of your home can be counterproductive to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature amidst all the in and out hustle. If you are moving on one of these warm days, you should expect the moving crew to keep the front door, back door, and maybe even the garage door open. Since they are constantly running items in and out of your home, this makes their job easier, much safer, and less likely to cause damage to your home or belongings.

If you are 100% against having a door left open to make the process go faster, then as the homeowner it’s your responsibility to have a friend or family member standing at the door. This person will need to play doorman for the duration of the move. It is not realistic (nor is it rational) to think that the professional mover carrying your $1200 flat screen television out to the moving truck will be able to open and close the door on his own without doing damage to your wall, door, or maybe even your television. If you absolutely have to, turn the air off in your home and sweat it out with the movers. But we definitely do not recommend that!

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Moving Day and Your Air Conditioner

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