Moving Blues? Come on, get App-y!

There are few situations in life that cause more stress than a move.

Between never-ending lists and suffocating deadlines, even the most organized Type-A planner will consider yanking out their hair from time to time.

One obvious stress-buster is hiring great movers, but even if you have a professional packing crew, an army of friends, and a magic wand, there’s still a world of tasks to complete before moving day.

Enter: The App Store.

Not only are there some pretty advanced apps to keep you organized and on top of your move, but most of them are F-R-E-E.  Let’s save that petty cash for the housewarming party, shall we?

Without further ado, below are my top, must-have, NO COST apps to help you keep your calm (and your hair) during your upcoming move. Both are on Apple and Android devices.

1. Best Overall: Moving Guru.

This baby has it all!  Including automatically synching their moving to-do items to your calendar, links to helpful, how-to videos on YouTube, and your own personal moving glossary, Moving Guru is by far the most sophisticated, yet user-friendly free app available.

2. Best Cool Feature:  MoveAdvisor.

MoveAdvisor is simple, appealing, calculates the distance of your move, and connects you with local movers.  The most unique aspect of this app, however, is its “Home Inventory” feature: an interactive, drag-and-drop section that takes you through each room in your house, each item in each room and keeps a running total of weight and cubic feet.  How do you like them app-les?

3. Best Sensible App: My Move. 

While this app is not as “shiny”, its functionality trumps the lot.  Much of what makes moving stressful is that it’s not something we do often; having a thorough timeline can be crucial for keeping on top of all of those, well…moving parts.  My Move has a comprehensive, interactive checklist that begins 6-8 weeks prior to the move and makes sure those little details don’t get left behind!

4. Best “There-Really-is-an-App-for-That” App: MagicPlan

Maybe I’m easily wow-ed, but this app kind of blew my mind.  It allows you to take photos of your new living space and create 3-D, scaled floor plans right on your phone that can be used for decorating and furniture placement – in advance!  How’s that for thinking outside the moving box?

Best Go-To Apps: Craigslist for selling, Pandora for those painful packing playlists, and Yelp’s Eat24 (the better to bribe your friends with pick-up trucks).

While I haven’t found the complete one-stop shop app for every moving need (yet!), using these gems in tandem will guarantee you a few less “Calgon” moments at the very least.

At best?  A truly smooth move.

App-y moving!

Moving Blues? Come on, get App-y!