Getting to Know Your Movers at Great Day Moving

Mr. Marlon Quincy Byrd has been with the Great Day Moving team for about six months now.  He came to us from another local moving company that went out of business where he worked as a moving technician for three years.  Since joining the family at Great Day Moving, Marlon’s work ethic, positive attitude, and W.I.T. (“Whatever it Takes”) mentality has been a welcome addition to the atmosphere Roger & Dana Ward have created and the Pillars of Excellence we believe in.Marlon Byrd Great Day Moving Professional

Here are a few fun things that you may not know about Mr. Byrd. Marlon’s favorite color is black, his favorite sport is basketball and he loves to watch basketball in his spare time.  When given a choice he would much rather watch an NCAA game than the currently unemployed and locked-out NBA.  Nothing gets his motor going like the University of Kansas Jayhawks from Lawrence striving for another Big 12 Title.

Growing up in Kansas City, Kansas, Marlon dreamed of being a firefighter and has the utmost respect for anyone who dons the firefighter uniform.  Most people do not know that Marlon is a big dog lover and currently has a couple of boxers running around at home.

Marlon thinks that the best part of working at Great Day Moving is freedom the job provides.  Not being confined to a desk, getting out and using his hands, and seeing instant satisfaction from his efforts keeps Marlon coming back every day.  Moving for all of our wonderful customers and being able to have an impact in their lives even if it is only for a few hours is why Marlon Byrd loves his job.

Next time you are looking to move across Kansas City or have your great-aunt’s antique china hutch delivered to your home call Great Day Moving and ask for Marlon or any of the professional, experienced, friendly, and well-trained movers on staff to service all of your moving, delivery, packing, and relocation needs!!

Getting to Know Your Movers at Great Day Moving
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