Interview with a Satisfied Great Day Moving Customer

Great Day Moving TruckWhen did you hire Great Day Moving?      

My family hired Great Day Moving when we moved out of our old house in Lenexa, Kansas, then into our temporary apartment, and finally when we moved out of the apartment into our new home also in Lenexa, Kansas. The movers also helped us with moving furniture from a storage unit into our new home.

Why did you decide to hire Great Day Moving?  

We chose Great Day Moving because the owners are in the same business networking group, Marty Connection, as my parents. My family has always used the business resources in the Marty whenever we needed a project or task done, so when we were ready to move into our new home, hiring Great Day Moving was a no-brainer.

How was your experience with the moving team?          

Hiring movers is always a little nerve-racking because you are letting strangers come into your home and touch all your stuff, but when the team from Great Day Moving arrived on time and ready to work, I felt very comfortable. We had three movers help us, all in uniform, and they were all extremely helpful and polite. Each one had a very positive and upbeat attitude throughout the entire moving process, which was very helpful, since moving is very stressful.

How did hiring movers compare to doing it all yourself?        

Hiring movers was definitely a great idea! My family used to own a lake house at Lake of the Ozarks, and we moved out of that house with no movers at all; it was absolutely terrible as well as very stressful. Having movers made me feel much more comfortable and I felt the furniture was much safer being lifted by strong men, who were trained to move, rather than little ol’ me.

Were there any unforeseen problems that occurred during your move that the movers provided assistance with?   

Our stuff was well packed and organized each time Great Day movers arrived. I think this helped alleviate a great deal of stress and make for a smoother transition. We did not have any problems with time management at all. The only difficulty I saw was moving into the apartment on the third floor, but the movers knew what they were doing. They had a great system to get our furniture up all those stairs without damaging anything. Even when they moved us out of the apartment, I was amazed at how efficient they were at it!

***A huge thanks to Megan U. for her business and for sharing her experience with us!!

Interview with a Satisfied Great Day Moving Customer
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