How To: Moving in Hot Weather – Part 1

Stay Hydrated When Moving in Hot WeatherMoving in hot weather brings with it unique challenges for relocating your home or office possessions. The heat tends to put our bodies under more stress in addition to the strenuous activity that comes with moving. Whether you’re doing the heavy lifting yourself or supervising professional movers to handle your belongings, it’s important to take extra precautions to ensure your relocation goes as smooth as possible.

When moving in hot weather, use these guidelines to prevent heat-related injuries:

Food and Drink

  • Drink plenty of fluids even if you do not feel thirsty and avoid drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages because they can dehydrate you.
  • Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily is ideal regardless of temperature, but it’s a good idea to drink an extra quart of water during extreme temperatures.
  • Balance food intake and water consumption. It’s just as important to eat during hot weather although you may not have an appetite. You still need to replace the salts your body loses through sweat and exertion. You can eat a salty snack when you take a break to drink.
  • Alternate between water and electrolyte replacement drinks throughout the day so that your body maintains a proper level of sodium and other nutrients.
  • Take frequent water breaks to keep you and those around you from heat-related injuries.

Proper Attire

  • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting, and light-colored clothing that allows for easy movement when moving in hot weather. Avoid dark-colored clothing since this attracts sunlight and heat.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes. Moving day is not the day to wear your favorite sandals or flip-flops due to the safety risk.
  • Wear sunscreen to protect your skin. Sunburns cause your body to lose fluid and lessen your body’s ability to cool itself.

Other Tips

  • Try to start your relocation as early in the day as possible. Find out from the moving company what their earliest availability is (usually between 7-9am) and book them to begin first thing in the morning.
  • Check ahead of time to make sure air conditioning and fans will be working upon arrival at your new home or office.
  • Keep pets, children, and elderly indoors and away from the extreme heat of the day – typically between 11am and 4pm.

Use these hot weather guidelines to stay safe when moving in hot weather and call us if you don’t want to endure it on your own!

How To: Moving in Hot Weather – Part 1

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