How to juggle your studies with moving house

Moving home can be a major life change, particularly as a student, where it can happen more or less on a yearly basis. With studies to juggle alongside packing up and shifting your belongings, navigating this time can be stressful. So, is there an easier way to go about this process? Here are our top tips for a smoother experience relocating as a student.

Plan in advance

It’s not always possible to pick and choose exactly when you move house, although the need to do so will rarely come as a surprise. Those living in student accommodation will often find that their lease comes to an end at the end of each academic year, offering them the chance to then either renew it or move. For most, this means that they’re able to pack up and relocate over the holiday period, once studies and exams have finished for the year.

Of course, some students will find that renting on a short-term basis can be a more affordable alternative that offers them more freedom than staying in one property for an entire year. While lodging or being on a rolling contract has its perks, a shorter notice period means that you have slightly less stability and security throughout the year.

In order to avoid an unplanned relocation getting in the way of your studies, you’ll want to plan in advance as best you can. You may want to think about the length of your lease, and avoid signing up for short-term contracts during demanding study periods. You could also have a think about just how long it will take you to pack up should you need to move on short notice, and consider storing some of your personal belongings if you’re expecting to relocate often, in order to make the process as easy as possible.

Create a schedule

If you do find yourself having to meet academic deadlines at the same time as moving house, you’re going to want to find a way to organize your time so that the process works for you. Taking into account how long you have to relocate, you’ll want to create some sort of schedule or study plan – this will allow you to allocate time throughout the day to both your studies and your moving tasks.

Perhaps you’ll decide to devote your mornings to study, and then pack in the afternoon. Or, maybe you’ll want to focus on college work during the week, and spend two days on the weekend getting things ready to move house. Whatever your setup, it’s important to take key dates and deadlines into account – it may be that you have to be out of your current property by a certain time, or that you have a moving van booked to arrive on a certain day.

Ask for support

Luckily, most students won’t find themselves going through the moving process alone. Usually, you’ll have other roommates around who are also eager to juggle their study responsibilities with relocating tasks.

By collaborating with your friends, you should be able to make the moving process much less demanding. For example, you could arrange for those who don’t have any lectures on certain days to devote that time to getting the house ready for viewings, or perhaps have someone view a potential new flat when they have the time to, while you study at home.

Similarly, you should be able to communicate with your college if you’re finding it particularly stressful to devote time to studying while moving house – after all, you want to give yourself the best chance of succeeding in the subject that will define your future career. In some instances, they may be able to offer extensions to deadlines, or provide access to out-of-hours study support if you can’t make the usual daytime hours.

A smooth relocation process

During your time at college, your studies should be your number one priority – but, in order to give the proper attention to your work, you need to be on top of many other areas of your life too. By planning ahead, scheduling your time and reaching out when you need support, the relocation process should go smoothly without affecting your studies.

How to juggle your studies with moving house