How to Emotionally Prepare for Moving Day: Part 1

Often when we think of preparing for moving day, things like last minute packing and checklists come to mind.  However, we rarely consider how important it is to emotionally prepare ourselves for the relocation. Transitions in general can be very stressful and emotionally taxing simply because they are a change; a change in our day-to-day lifestyle,  our routines, and our location. Moving everything you own while leaving the place you call home is quite the change indeed.

Below are 3 important tips to emotionally prepare for moving:

1. Say goodbye.

Consider having a time of “saying goodbye” to the home or neighborhood you are leaving behind. You could get together with friends or loved ones and have a small going-away party or go out to eat to celebrate the fond memories you have had in that home or town. Celebrations are always fun and it will give you time to bring closure to the last season and prepare yourself for the next one.

2.  Get plenty of rest!

Being well rested is important in keeping the emotional pressures at bay. Do your best to prepare ahead of time and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep. This is a key factor in being emotionally prepared. There’s no reason to add to the stress by being exhausted. Be sure you know when the moving crew will show up, so you can set your alarm and be ready.

3. Take care of the little things.

Solomon said that it was the little foxes that spoil the vine (Song 2:15).  Often it is the little things that can wear us down and make us more susceptible to high levels of stress. So, fuel all your vehicles with gas the day before. Make sure all the paperwork you need is in a safe place; be sure you have easy access to it and that it won’t be mistaken for trash or put in an obscure box. Put your house/car keys in the same place to keep track of them. Do as much of the cleaning that you can in advance so there is one less thing on your plate at the end of the move. Having those things taken care of can significantly reduce the stress level on moving day.

Emotionally Prepare to MoveThe change of moving is not always easy on the emotions, but with some mental preparedness and these tips you can help to minimize that stress. Be sure to emotionally prepare for your next move and know that we are here to help with all the heavy lifting!

This 2 part blog series is courtesy of Neil Gunsalus III, Operations Manager of the Great Day Moving team in Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas.

How to Emotionally Prepare for Moving Day: Part 1
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