How the Moving Team Loads a Truck

Packing the Moving Truck
Boxes Stacked in the Truck Attic

Recently, one of our moving teams assisted a client with his one bedroom apartment move from Kansas City, Missouri to Grandview, Missouri. For this apartment move, our moving team literally needed all the cubic space inside the moving truck because he had MORE BOXES OF BOOKS than we’ve seen in a long time! Luckily, our moving trucks have attics in them which are a great place to stash rows and rows of boxes.

This customer did a great job of self-packing before our moving team showed up. He used smaller sized boxes versus packing all his treasured books into a handful of larger boxes. And most were similar sizes and proportions which made it easier on the moving team to carry by hand or with a dolly. It also made life easier on the truck packer who stacked all the boxes and strapped them in place.

Next the truck packer instructed his moving team to bring the large bookshelves which held all the books. He positioned them on the moving truck to build a wall and strapped them in. This wall of furniture was followed by another row of books.

Then another row of furniture was packed onto the truck and padded blankets were used to protect each piece from scratching, damaging, or rubbing against other pieces; followed by the last row of boxes.

Each box was closed or taped shut to protect his belongings and this makes the loading go much faster. One might argue that the customer could have opted for larger boxes in order to have fewer boxes to move, and that’s quite possible. But the goal is to keep boxes less than 30 lbs to prevent damage and injury to the moving team!

Furniture items loaded onto the moving truck are wrapped with blankets to protect them from rubbing against other items. Orange ratchet straps are used to hold furniture in place and to prevent from shifting while in transit.

Now you know how our professional and trained moving teams pack and load a truck. Our trucks are equipped with enough moving blankets, straps, dollies, and other equipment to provide all the protection you need for a local relocation.  Just remember that not all local moves are created equal; neither is everyone’s furniture the same shapes and sizes. So the manner in which your belongings are loaded onto a moving truck may not be identical to someone else’s, but rest assured that our moving teams know how to efficiently get the job done! Call us at 816-389-8706 for your next move!

How the Moving Team Loads a Truck
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