How Technology is Changing the Way We Move – For the Better

Experts reveal that 80% of moves occur during the summer months, according to a report by the Census Bureau. While the month of May is considered as the peak of moving season, the entire summer is bound to stay consistently busy for movers and home buyers alike. Moving house is enough of a challenge with the struggle of organizing your precious items, knowing which box goes where, and resisting the temptation of wine to help you get through it.

However, it seems that 99% of moves are happening without a physical inspection of the home. But how is that possible?  It is an undeniable fact that technology has and will continue to transform the way we live – making a strong impact on the moving industry as well. Here’s how technology is changing the way we move – for the better.

Finding A Home

On average, a potential home buyer will spend 30 – 65 days shopping for a new house. In addition, buyers will spend another two weeks to three months to close the contract. However, real estate agents are more interested in faster contract signing while buyers are looking for a great deal.

That is where tech comes in. The process of purchasing a home relies on the chain of parties involved and there is no specific schedule on how long the process has to take. Using data-driven sales tools like View My Chain provides the ultimate platform for instant information on homes for sale and improving the moving process.

Tech Solutions for Movers

Using tools such as list makers, timeline creators, inventory, and quote estimates for rent and delivery can help you get a clear understanding of what needs to be done. Movers work better with multi-function products that provide a sheer variety of features, experience, and security to speed up the entire process. They want an all-in-one product that offers more than video survey capabilities, auto-scheduling, prospect generators, and quick-time support. As Crater’s industry-leading video estimate solution, the Surveybot can take complete control in estimations, improve productivity, and boost sales.

Technology has changed the ways we live our lives, without us realizing it. Whether we like to admit it or not – we often find ourselves relying on technology to help get us through challenging situations like moving our home. Thankfully, with plenty of tech resources available today, home buyers and movers can plan a schedule and map out the process for a successful move.

How Technology is Changing the Way We Move – For the Better