What to Know When Hiring Movers to Pack & Load a Storage Container or Rental Truck

Movers Unloading a Rental TruckSome people decide to go the route of a do-it-yourself move when relocating cross-country. This can save money and allow more control over the moving process. These individuals may prefer to rent their own moving truck, pack their possessions into the back, and drive away to their destination. Yet many have desired sanity and the preservation of their back muscles and hired professional movers to help with the loading and packing aspect. Or instead of driving hundreds of miles, they choose to rent a storage container, have it loaded by movers, and then it’s shipped to their new home at the time of their choosing.

If you decide to hire professional movers to pack and load a rental truck or portable storage container, there are some essential materials to have available to the movers in order to protect your valued possessions.

Rental companies may provide the needed moving blankets, padding, straps, rope, or tie-downs at the time of reservation, or they may charge you a fee for renting them along with the truck or container. However, if they do not provide them at all, you will need to purchase or rent these items separately.

You want to get your hands on an ample amount of moving blankets and thick pads to wrap around and between each piece of furniture while it is stored in the container or rental truck. You can rent or purchase these at a local moving supply store. For safety, you will also want to invest in straps, tie-downs, or bungee cords that can be purchased at a local hardware store. Even a sturdy rope would suffice for the movers to tie around each piece of furniture and attach to the wall of the container or truck to keep them from shifting while in transit. Depending on the container you choose, there may be hooks, rails, or e-track found along the interior walls to tie off the rope or straps.

IMPORTANT: As a general suggestion, we recommend having a minimum of 10 blankets or pads per 10 feet of space and at least 6 straps or tie-downs per 10 feet of space.

At this time, we are not able to provide materials for resell to you, but we can definitely supply the needed moving labor to properly pack and load any container or truck you wish! Visit our estimate page and send us the details of your next move!

What to Know When Hiring Movers to Pack & Load a Storage Container or Rental Truck

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