You’ve Hired a Professional Moving Company, Now What?

Great Day Moving Truck on the JobHello there again cyber land! It is I, the resident Customer Service Ninja™ at Great Day Moving and today I want to talk about what to do once you’ve hired your professional moving company. It has been my experience that people believe the communication process between company and customer ends after the movers have been hired and the move date confirmed. With any legal and reputable professional moving company (see Spot a Rogue Mover Before It’s Too Late! to make sure you’re hiring the right mover), the communication process should only begin once the job is scheduled.

Here are some things to know from the moving company before moving day arrives:

  1. Ask them to put their rates for the job in writing
  2. Make sure that you fully understand the policy on job start times. Many companies will not quote an exact start time if you are not the first move of the day
  3. Ask to see any paperwork that you are going to be signing on the day of the move ahead of time
  4. Get a clear and full understanding of the company’s damage and insurance policies. It never hurts to ask to see a copy of the moving company’s insurance certificates. If they cannot produce those for their customers, then it’s possible the company is not operating  in full compliance with government regulation and laws
  5. Be sure to read any and all communication that you get from the company prior to moving day. Be fully informed about what you are paying for and what services the moving company is providing

Great Day Movers on a Commercial Kansas City MoveAt Great Day Moving we email our customers all of the information they need or request prior to moving day. In the technological age of smart phones, tablets, and laptops, there should be no excuse for not reading or receiving communication.

This last point is really important. It has been my experience at Great Day Moving that 95% of all issues that arise on moving day or afterward could have been avoided if both parties were fully informed. Here at Great Day Moving we have implemented many policies to ensure our customers are fully informed and know what to expect on moving day. We are also constantly working to improve those processes, but it is all for naught if our customers fail to read that information in advance.

As the customer you should never feel bad about asking questions either.  You are about to hand over your hard-earned money for professional moving services and should fully understand what you are getting for your money.  If a moving company is too busy to help you by answering your moving questions over the phone or via email before the move, then what type of service are they going to provide on the day of the move?

My job as the Great Day Moving Customer Service Ninja™ is to make myself available to answer all questions and give our customers peace of mind. Call me at 877-541-1015 or email me at for professional moving services around the metro area including Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, and Overland Park! Sayonara for now and have a Great Day moving!!!

You’ve Hired a Professional Moving Company, Now What?

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