Green Box To Go: Eco-Friendly Option When Moving

When preparing to move, the first thing that comes to mind is cardboard boxes. For decades people have sought out cardboard boxes from anywhere they could get them: grocery stores, friends’ garages, and even liquor stores. After packing, moving, and then unpacking all your delicate, prized possessions in these dirty, mildew ridden boxes (capable of breaking at any moment), you then have the dilemma of getting rid of them.

Well, all those stressful brown box problems can be solved with an eco-friendly option: Green Box To Go.

Green Box To Go is a new, local company serving the Kansas City metro area that offers rentable “green” plastic boxes delivered right to your doorstep before moving day! Then, after a successful moving day and all boxes are unpacked, they will come back out and pick them up. No more extra clutter taking up space in your basement or garage or overflowing recycle bins with cardboard.

Green Box To Go LogoSo why choose Green Box To Go? They deliver the eco-friendly plastic boxes, packing paper and dollies right to your doorstep, and pick up the equipment once you’re finished, making it extremely convenient for you and your family to move into a new home. Ordering “green” boxes is more cost effective than driving around Kansas City trying to find decent cardboard boxes for moving day. They are reusable, which makes them good for the environment as well as sturdy and lockable, making them an ideal solution for corporate office moves.  Each box is preassembled, includes a lid, and is moisture-resistant and stackable. Also, each box is inspected and sanitized before rented out to customers.

Green Box To Go not only offers boxes, but other rentable moving equipment such as, wardrobe boxes, 2-wheel dollies and 4-wheel box dollies. All are delivered right to your home, and then picked up when you’re finished. Green Box To Go also sells bubble wrap, packing paper and zip ties, making it a one-stop shop for all your packing needs in Kansas City. We are glad to be partnered with Green Box To Go and highly recommend their eco-friendly option to cardboard boxes!

So what are you waiting for? Check out their website to place an order for your eco-friendly green boxes and packing materials, then to get your instant moving quote, visit our estimate page here!

Green Box To Go: Eco-Friendly Option When Moving

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