Press Release: Announcing Great Day Moving Franchise System

Great Day Moving LogoAn award-winning, local moving company announces the rebranding of its current operation to an affordable, national franchise system for American business owners, while enhancing and improving the customer’s moving experience.

When Roger Ward and his wife Dana, purchased a fledgling delivery service in late 2007, they could not have known the journey for which God had been preparing them. Before the opportunity presented itself, they were being equipped – through their military training, business seminars, and life experiences. When Roger’s Army enlistment ended, the couple moved to Kansas City, ready for their next big adventure. One day he prayed, asking God to show him what business he should purchase for the amount of money he had. Within 48 hours, the answer was staring him in the face. Roger and his wife were to pour their life savings into the purchase of Marathon Moving & Delivery (MMD).

The Wards have dedicated the past three years to expanding the business into the successful Kansas City moving service that it is today. Despite the rugged economy, Marathon Moving & Delivery has grown by leaps and bounds. Due to the creation of infrastructure and processes they have put in place, MMD has significantly increased each year in revenue.  Last year, 2010, was a record-breaking year in which the business doubled in size – from employee count to fleet size, as well as gross revenue.

With the help of an insightful advisory board, Ward has worked to create a franchise system that will bring the local moving industry into the 21st century. This system operates under the name of Great Day Moving and provides a business opportunity that is both low-cost and highly effective for entrepreneurs.

Through this new proprietary franchise system, all the capabilities culminate with a new automated process that keeps costs down for the consumer as well as enhance the quality of service received.  With all of the back-office operations provided, new franchisees have more time to tend to the customer’s needs and marketing.

“Upon acquiring Marathon, I set out to elevate the industry standards. My goal has been to design a system in which everyone in the process wins,” Roger, CEO of Great Day Moving says. “The benefit to the community will be a viable business to own, work for, and to receive services from on a daily basis.”

This April, Marathon Moving & Delivery begins operating as the first Great Day Moving franchise.  Great Day Moving Corporate plans to have three franchises operating within the greater Kansas City area by late spring 2011. This will create a more affordable moving service due to the placement of franchises throughout the metro area, as well as opportunities for new business owners, and new jobs for Kansas City workers. Ward plans to rapidly expand the franchise opportunity over the next several years throughout the Midwest and nationally.

You can reach Great Day Moving at (913) 608-8090 or 5400 Antioch Drive, Suite 3, Merriam, KS 66202.

Press Release: Announcing Great Day Moving Franchise System

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