Dorm Room Movers in Kansas City

Sending your child off to college is never easy. In fact, it’s almost a contest between which part is more difficult – letting go of your son or daughter or moving all of their belongings into a tiny and cramped space they have to share with another teenager for nine months. And it’s the hottest time of the year and will undoubtedly be humid or pouring as you’re fighting for a parking spot nearby, space on the elevator or for air as you lug heavy suitcases across campus.

Unless this scenario is your dream come true, you may want to call Great Day Moving this summer and ask about our dorm room movers.

Making a Great Day of a Bittersweet One

At Great Day Moving, we know that saying goodbye to your babies is hard, but our dorm room movers aim to make your day easier by providing services that you and your family can rely on. Not everyone has a truck or van for easy moving, and while you can always rent one or a U-Haul for your trek, our dorm room movers can simplify your day even more by providing the vehicle and the manpower.

We liken our dorm room moving services to that of a one bedroom apartment move. Usually a smaller vehicle is needed, and we provide any services you may request, from packing up belongings to unloading the truck on campus. Our dorm room movers charge hourly and we are licensed to travel anywhere, meaning if your son or daughter’s dream school is in California, we’ll follow along with their items in tow.

Call Us Today

If you need assistance with moving when sending your child off to college, contact the dorm room movers at Great Day Moving of Kansas City today at [sc:primary-phone]. We look forward to making yours a Great Day!