Do I Need an Onsite Estimate When Moving?

Great Day Moving has provided professional moving services for close to 20 years now. With that amount of time and experience in the moving industry, we have a good idea on the resources and time required to complete your move. In this blog, we hope to shed some light on when you need an onsite estimate from your moving company.

When Is an Onsite Estimate needed?We give over-the-phone or email estimates for 1, 2, or 3 bedroom homes, apartments, condos, or townhomes based on historical data (past relocations we have completed). Keeping this in mind, we try to do onsite estimates for moves that historically offer scenarios that we do not handle on a daily basis. Any jobs that may require more than a 3-man crew, more than 1 truck, or multiple trips are typically relocations for which we recommend an onsite estimate. This helps to ensure we have the right equipment, adequate manpower, and enough resources to complete your move in the most efficient manner possible.

We send our professional estimator to your home or office to conduct the onsite estimate. He will conduct an item count which will allow us to send the proper size crew with plenty of truck space to handle your move within your time constraints. Our goal in sending one of our professional estimators for an onsite estimate is to negate any communication errors that may occur when making a reservation over the phone or via email.

Since moving is already stressful enough, we strive to accurately communicate what to expect from us prior to moving day. This is why we provide a plethora of resources to assist you as you prepare for the relocation. You can visit our Resources page and view the various documents we’ve shared there. On our Request Estimate page, you can easily enter your information to receive an immediate response based on the specific data entered. Or you can call into our office at 816-389-8706 or email us at to begin the process for an estimate.

Do I Need an Onsite Estimate When Moving?
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