Spotlight: Customer Service Ninja™ of Great Day Moving

This month’s spotlight is the local Customer Service Ninja™. The Customer Service Ninja™ has been an invaluable member of the Great Day Moving team since the transition from the previous moving company to the new Great Day Moving franchise system. The CSN’s silky smooth voice and dazzling eyes make him a favorite with all of the customers.

When the Customer Service Ninja™ is not helping to make it a Great Day Moving for all of the customers in the Kansas City area he loves playing with nunchucks and training for the American Ninja Warrior games, see G4 TV for more details. One of these days, the Customer Service Ninja™ will overcome his fear of heights and demolish the dreaded salmon ladder that has kept him from earning a spot on the American Ninja Warrior team since 2009. On top of the physical demands that comes with being a ninja the CSN also likes to sharpen his mind by reading about ninja stuff on the internet like this great how-to blog or learning how to make ninja stars out of paper from videos.

Customer Service NinjaHis favorite food is raw T-bone steaks with shiitake mushroom glaze or anything from Taco Bell.  His favorite color is black and does not like the winter because he is forced to wear shoes instead of his usual ninja slippers. If the CSN did not work for Great Day Moving he would want to be a customer care representative for Sprint (they could use the help).  When he was little, he dreamed of being a professional sky diver but the aforementioned fear of heights cut that dream short. The best part of working for Great Day Moving is the ability to interact with the wonderful customers, helping to answer questions, and schedule moves. He loves it when customers call him to talk about their upcoming relocation or ask questions about something for which they are unsure. He gets the most satisfaction from his job when customers call to rave about how wonderful the crew was that moved them.

Next time you are looking to move across Kansas City or have your great-aunt’s antique china hutch delivered to your home call Great Day Moving and speak to the Customer Service Ninja™, our version of the Customer Service Representative. He will schedule a crew of our professional, experienced, friendly, and well-trained movers to help with all of your moving, delivery, packing, and relocation needs!!

Spotlight: Customer Service Ninja™ of Great Day Moving
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