Common Mistakes When Hiring a Moving Company: Part 2

Moving the FamilyWe know it can be tough when choosing the right moving company. And we all make mistakes from time to time, but our goal with this blog is to identify some common mistakes made when planning to hire a moving company. So you can steer clear of them during your next relocation. Remember the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing as John Powell says.

Here are some common mistakes that people make:

1. Getting Only One Estimate

If you only get one quote, you won’t have a grid for whether you’re over or underpaying for your relocation.  There is nothing wrong with getting three to five quotes from several moving companies. There is also nothing wrong with letting the representatives from those companies know that you are getting different quotes.  The competition might help them “sharpen their pencils” and give you the best possible rate.

2. Choosing Your Moving Company Only On Price

The place to cut costs in your moving budget is NOT your mover. If you get an estimate that is significantly less than some of the other quotes, you need to ask yourself why. This industry is full of illegitimate businesses that are not properly insured, licensed, or trained – we call them rogue movers.  Make sure you do your due diligence on the companies you are interested in. Online reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and past customers are great resources for checking out a moving company.  Rogue movers are notorious for underbidding a job in order to get it and then adding extra charges onto your bill at the end.  If you refuse to pay, then they keep your items or hold them hostage until you pay in full.  This is a very scary thought so make sure that you are doing your homework!!

3. Using Cheap Boxes for Packing

As we mentioned in our myths blog, boxes are not boxes. There is a big difference in the boxes that you pick up for free from the local grocery or liquor store and the boxes that you buy from the professional movers or supply store. Whether you get new or used moving boxes, it doesn’t matter as long as the integrity of the box is intact. Real moving boxes are much stronger and can take more abuse than grocery store fruit boxes and they protect your valuable possessions better.

Don’t let yourself fall prey to these common mistakes when hiring a moving company. Also, check out part 1 of our blog series that covers other common mistakes we’ve seen people make before the big day!

Common Mistakes When Hiring a Moving Company: Part 2
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