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Our Moving Company’s Professionalism

At Great Day Moving®, we believe that the dedication to understanding and meeting our clients’ needs is the groundwork that sets our business and franchises apart. Unlike many local moving companies you may come across, Great Day Moving® adds a personal touch with franchise owners directly involved with your project. Should you run into issues during or after the move, Great Day Moving® provides unparalleled customer support, by taking the time to answer questions and treat all concerns with respect. Anyone can move furniture, but not everyone gets the level of service that our professionals provide.

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Foundational Beliefs about Moving

Trust. The word is often misplaced, particularly in the moving industry. Nonetheless, it is the cornerstone of what our company is built upon. Though relatively new to the world of moving and franchise development, founders Roger and Dana Ward have spent a lifetime preparing for this opportunity to lead a company built on the foundation of service and innovation.

To understand the business of Great Day Moving, one must understand the founders. They are servants first, striving to model their faith through actions and relationships. They believe that a move is never ‘just a move’; it is a transition that means something different to each client, and they treat each interaction like the precious thing that it is: unique, personal and vitally important.

To Great Day Moving®, trust is more than just a word; it is a combination of expert service and personal touch. It is more than moving boxes. It is the understanding that whatever we are moving is more than just ‘stuff’; it is the stuff that life is made of. While our movers have a reputation for actually making moving day fun, the understanding that we play an integral part in what is often one of a client’s most stressful life experiences is never taken lightly.

Our Pillars of Excellence

As a moving company, we strive to uphold the following goals in every job:

  • To treat all customers, jobs, and partners with integrity and compassion
  • To never shy away from hard work
  • To be known as the moving company who solves problems
  • To set the industry standard for follow-through with the customer; our moving company values customer service
  • To offer competitive pricing to the community, providing affordable but quality moving company services
  • To know the value of teamwork and prove it with our actions

By following our basic principles, our moving company creates an environment that is both positive for our employees as well as our valued customers. The end result is a successful move with satisfied clients and happy employees.

Benefits of Joining Our Team

If you’re searching for a moving company franchise with the business, industry, and technical details already figured out, you’ve come to the right place. Great Day Moving® is a turn-key business with a model that has been tested. All the details about running a moving business are in place for a new franchise owner to be successful.

We have thought of everything – from the initial business plan, to the truck buying process, and even banking and back office details and infrastructure. All calls, emails, and inquiries are directed to a central call center eliminating the need for your own office and personnel. The franchisee’s main responsibility is to be efficient, customer–focused, and take care of each customer’s moving needs.

We have created a system where you can be a business owner, make money, affect change in your local community, and have time to enjoy life all at the same time.

Looking to start your own moving company? We are always looking to expand into new areas. If you are interested in franchising, apply now or contact us.